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 God Of War.

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PostSubject: God Of War.   Thu Jun 05, 2008 11:31 am

Right this is my fist attempt at a game so try have fun!!

These skies are owned by one stallion and one alone. Ares, God of war. Some may challenge him but don't often win, he is smart and powerful, but he has one flaw. Mares, he has no Lead mare and no herd to support him. Can he find the right mare?

Ok please don't write chapters and chapters! It makes me feel simple since I can only manage around 4 sentences!
Dice rolls to sort out fights, highest roll wins.

Anything can happen so fell free to do whatever really!!

My Charries in the RP forum check him out there.

Ares reared and whinneyed to the empty skies, skies which used to be buzzing with flying pegasi. But no more, they have all fled. But Ares remains desperate to hold onto the land where he was born. He dipped his great head and tensed his whole body, readying himself for flight. He crouched down and launched himself into the sky.
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God Of War.
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