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 Deshy's Mythical characters

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PostSubject: Deshy's Mythical characters   Thu Jun 05, 2008 11:30 pm


Name: Danica
Age: 25 and never aging
Gender: Vampiress
Personality: Well you will find out but she is extremly mean
Rank: Lead Vampiress
Other: well she has a little group of vampires kinda like Body guards

Danica's BodyGuards

Name: Jarko Grimwood
Age: 35
Gender: Vampire
Personality: Killer strong and hmmm very mean
Other: Danica's Body Guard. is always with her and you cant really kill him.

Name: Asher Talos
Age: 28
Gender: Vampire
Personality: Hmm mean and a killer
Other: Danica's Body Guard. is always with her
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Deshy's Mythical characters
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